Best Pickleball Paddle for Women: Find the Perfect Fit

If you’re a woman who loves playing pickleball, then finding the perfect paddle for your gameplay is essential. As one of the fastest-growing sports in the world, pickleball requires a lot of precision and accuracy from each player. Choosing the right paddle isn’t just about getting the most expensive one on the market. You need to find the perfect fit that meets your needs, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player. In this blog post, we’ll take a comprehensive look at the best pickleball paddles for women, what makes them outstanding, and how you can select one that fits

Best Pickleball Paddle for Women: Find the Perfect Fit

Choosing the right pickleball paddle is essential for women players who want to achieve precision and accuracy during gameplay. Factors such as the paddle’s weight, grip size, and construction materials should be considered when choosing the perfect fit. In this article, we cover the best pickleball paddles for women and offer tips on how to select the perfect fit for your needs, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player.


Choosing the right pickleball paddle is a crucial aspect for women who love to play pickleball. A pickleball paddle that fits perfectly will help women achieve precision, accuracy, and power during gameplay. For women, finding the perfect pickleball paddle may require considering different factors such as the paddle’s weight, grip size, and construction materials. In this blog post, we’ll explore the essential features to consider when looking for the best pickleball paddle for women.


The weight of the paddle is a crucial factor to consider when looking for the perfect fit. A paddle that is too heavy may be challenging to maneuver and cause fatigue in a player’s arm, while a paddle that is too light may lack power and control.

Lightweight Pickleball Paddles

If you’re looking for a lightweight paddle, then the Engage Encore MX 6.0 Pickleball Paddle is an excellent option weighing in at 7.4 ounces. Its lightweight frame allows for quick reactions and mobility during gameplay. Additionally, the paddle’s carbon fiber face provides excellent control and enhanced speed performance.

The Selkirk Amped Epic Pickleball Paddle is another recommended option, with the paddle’s weight starting from 7.3 ounces. The new design features a larger sweet spot, with a carbon fiber surface that adds to the paddle’s overall pop.

Mid-Weight Pickleball Paddles

If you’re looking for a mid-weight paddle, the ONIX Graphite Z5 Pickleball Paddle is an excellent option. It weighs around 7.5 to 8.2 ounces, providing a balance between power, control, and maneuverability. Its graphite face enhances the paddle’s responsiveness, and the wide body design offers a large sweet spot that allows off-center hits.

The Paddletek Bantam EX-L Pickleball Paddle, weighing 8.0 to 8.3 ounces, is another recommended option. It features a durable and robust construction, providing excellent ball placement and spin control. Additionally, it’s suitable for players of all skill levels, making it an ideal choice for beginners and advanced players.

Heavyweight Pickleball Paddles

For players who prefer heavier paddles, the ProKennex Kinetic Pro Speed Pickleball paddle is an ideal option. It weighs around 8.5 ounces, providing excellent power and control. It features a Kinetic System that helps to absorb and transfer vibration, providing more comfort and less fatigue.

The GAMMA Needle Pickleball paddle weighing 9.5 to 10.0 ounces is also another recommended option for players who prefer heavier paddles. The head-heavy balance of the paddle provides increased power and allows for aggressive slams, while the versatile design ensures excellent control and touch.

Grip Size

Grip size determines the level of comfort and control you have on the paddle. A grip that is too small may cause hand cramps or wrist pain, while a grip that is too large may reduce a player’s wrist action or provide less control.

Small Grip Size

The Selkirk NEO Composite Paddle features a small grip size suitable for players with smaller hands. The paddle material is a composite blend, which maximizes control and precision. Additionally, you can customize the grip size with the included edge guard tape to achieve the perfect fit.

Medium Grip Size

The Onix Z5 Graphite Paddle is an excellent option that features a medium grip size, compatible with players with a hand circumference of 4¼” to 4-½”. Its design incorporates a composite base with a graphite face that provides excellent touch and power. The paddle’s weight is around 7.8 ounces, and it features a large sweet spot to minimize off-center hits.

Large Grip Size

The Gamma Micron Pickleball paddle is an excellent option for players who need a large grip size, with its 4-5/8″ circumference grip. Its ultra-cushioned grip reduces vibrations and minimizes jarring effects, providing optimum comfort and less fatigue. Moreover, the paddle’s fiberglass face provides excellent control, precision, and touch on the court.

Construction Materials

The construction materials used for the pickleball paddle will also affect a player’s gameplay. Different materials offer varying degrees of power, control, and touch.


Graphite paddles are the most popular among many players due to their lightweight construction that doesn’t sacrifice control or power. They provide an excellent balance between control, power, and maneuverability. Graphite is the perfect choice for players who want to improve their game’s overall performance.


Composite materials such as fiberglass, aramid, or carbon fibers are generally used to create paddles with excellent touch and control. These materials also provide excellent shock absorption, providing players with excellent comfort during gameplay.


Wooden paddles are the most price-friendly option for picking a paddle. They offer less power and control but still provide a good amount of touch. Wooden paddles are suitable for beginners or recreational players who are not too serious about the sport.

New Technology

New technology has led to the creation of unique features in pickleball paddles such as noise reduction, vibration absorption, and sweet spot expansion. Paddles like the Selkirk Amped paddles feature unique technology improving the overall performance of the paddle on the court.

Choosing the right pickleball paddle for women is not just about the best or most expensive paddle. It involves considering factors such as weight, grip size, and construction materials to find the perfect fit. Our list of best pickleball paddles for women caters to different playing styles and is perfect for all skill levels. Pickleball is an exciting and fun game, and by choosing the best paddle that fits your needs, you can improve your performance and get the most out of your gameplay. Remember, picking the right paddle is essential for every pickleball player to achieve optimum performance.

Additional Considerations When Choosing A Pickleball Paddle

Aside from the weight, grip size, and construction materials, there are other factors that women players should consider when choosing the best pickleball paddle.


The noise produced by the paddle when it hits the ball has become a significant concern in pickleball. Some players prefer paddles that produce minimal noise, while others have no issue with loud paddles. Paddles with thicker cores tend to produce less noise, while paddles with flexible cores produce more noise.


The durability of the paddle is also a crucial consideration, especially if you play regularly. You want a paddle that can withstand constant usage without showing wear and tear easily. Generally, high-end models come with a longer warranty and are more durable than the budget models.

Sweet Spot

The sweet spot is an essential feature that players should consider when choosing a pickleball paddle. This refers to the part of the paddle that provides maximum power and control when the ball hits it. The larger the sweet spot, the higher your chances of hitting the ball on the sweet spot, resulting in better overall performance on the court.

Paddle Shape

Paddle shape affects the overall performance of a player. The most common paddle shapes include the traditional oval shape and the teardrop shape. Oval-shaped paddles have a larger surface area that provides more control, while the uniquely shaped teardrop paddles offer an excellent mix of power and control.

How To Choose The Right Pickleball Paddle Size and Weight

Finding the perfect pickleball paddle size and weight is essential for women players. Here is how to choose the right pickleball paddle size and weight:

Step One: Measure Your Hand Size

The first step is to measure your hand size to determine your grip size. Using a ruler or a measuring tape, measure the distance from the middle crease of your palm to the tip of your ring finger. This measurement should be the distance in inches to the nearest one-eighth inch. This measurement will help you determine the paddle’s grip size that fits your hand.

Step Two: Determine Your Weight Preference

The second step is to determine your weight preference. Players who play at the net require a lighter paddle for quick reactions and better maneuverability. Conversely, players who prefer to stay at the back need a heavier paddle that provides excellent power and control. Choosing a paddle that fits your gameplay style is essential.

Step Three: Try Different Paddles Before Making A Purchase

Trying out different paddles before making a purchase is essential. Most pickleball retailers allow customers to try out different paddles and even play a few games with them. Trying out different paddles ensures that you select one that fits your needs perfectly.

Choosing the best pickleball paddle for women is an essential aspect of the game. Women players should consider factors such as the paddle’s weight, grip size, construction materials, noise, durability, sweet spot, and paddle shape when choosing the perfect fit. Players must also determine the paddle size and weight before making a purchase. Finding the perfect fit is crucial for improving gameplay and achieving maximum performance on the court.


Here are some frequently asked questions related to choosing the best pickleball paddle for women:

1. How Can I Determine Whether A Paddle Is Light Or Heavy?

Paddles come with weights ranging from under 6 ounces to over 14 ounces. The weight is usually indicated on the paddle or its packaging. Pickleball paddle manufacturers categorize their paddles as lightweight, mid-weight, or heavyweight, with a weight range of 6.5-8.0, 8.1-9.0, and 9.1-10.0 ounces, respectively.

2. How Do I Choose A Grip Size?

Grip size often corresponds to the size of your hand. If you have smaller hands, choose a smaller grip size, and if you have larger hands, choose a larger grip size. The grip size should be comfortable for you to hold the paddle without squeezing too hard or feeling like it’s slipping out of your hand.

3. What Is The Sweet Spot Of A Paddle?

The sweet spot is the area of the pickleball paddle that provides the most power and accuracy. It varies from paddle to paddle but usually located at the center of the paddle face. A larger sweet spot will help you achieve more consistent shots and better overall performance.

4. What Is The Best Material For A Pickleball Paddle?

The best material for a pickleball paddle will depend on your needs and preferences. Graphite paddles are lightweight and offer good control, while composite paddles provide more power and forgiveness on off-center hits. Wooden paddles offer a more traditional feel but lack the power of graphite and composite paddles.

5. What Is A Budget-Friendly Pickleball Paddle For Women?

The Pickleball Central Rally Tyro 2 Pro is an excellent budget-friendly pickleball paddle for women. It is lightweight, has a polymer core, and is perfect for beginner players looking for a decent paddle without breaking the bank.

6. Should I Choose A Wide Or Narrow Body Paddle?

Wide-body paddles provide more paddling surface area and, therefore, more power and control. Narrow body paddles, on the other hand, provide more maneuverability and allow for quicker reactions. The choice between wide and narrow body paddles ultimately depends on a player’s preference and playing style.

7. Does The Color Of A Paddle Affect Its Performance On The Court?

No, the color of the paddle does not affect its performance on the court. The color usually comes down to a player’s preference and has no impact on gameplay.

8. What Are The Benefits Of A Lighter Paddle?

A lighter paddle offers more maneuverability, allowing for quicker reactions and control at the net. They are also less taxing on your arm muscles, causing less fatigue and injury as you play.

9. Can A Heavier Paddle Cause Arm Strain?

Yes, using a heavier paddle can cause arm strain and fatigue, resulting in injuries over time. Players who use heavier paddles should ensure that they use the proper technique to minimize strain and fatigue.

10. Can I Customize My Paddle?

Yes, you can customize your paddle’s grip size using overgrips or edge guards. Customizing your paddle can help you achieve a more comfortable fit and provide better overall performance on the court.

11. Why Are Some Paddles More Expensive Than Others?

The cost of the paddle depends on